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URBAN RIVALS : du jeu à la BD

Adapté d’un jeu en ligne sur internet rassemblant plus de deux millions de joueurs dans le monde, la bande dessinée « Urban Rivals » a débarqué en France en juillet 2008. Sous la direction de Nicolas Caris, une équipe du studio girondin MAKMA (le scénariste Edmond Tourriol, le dessinateur Samuel Ménétrier et le coloriste Fred Vigneau) réalise un vrai comic book à l’américaine.

Comme dans le jeu, on y retrouve, de l’action, des surprises et une tonne de personnages tous plus délirants les uns que les autres.

La bande dessinée « Urban Rivals » est sortie chez Foolstrip, maison d’édition spécialisée dans les comic strips sur le web, qui publie également des BD « papier » comme au XXe siècle !

Pour lire la BD pré-publiée en ligne :

Pour commander la BD chez Foolstrip, cliquez sur la couverture de Sentinel Stories !

  • Yaoi Huntress Earth

    I hope you can understand English, but I learnt about your work on the Urban Rivals comic via the translated version of a French fan magazine. As an aspiring comic book writer and fan of the Urban Rivals (whose been writing some of her own fan scripts for the series) I’ve been following the comic with interest and I felt compelled to drop a line when it was mentioned that fans could contact you in your interview.

  • Hey, Yaoi Huntress Earth, thanks for the nice words. Yesterday, we were just talking about the future of the series. I hope you’ll like what we’re cooking for you.

  • Yaoi Huntress Earth

    I’m sure it will be interesting (I’m guessing it will have something to do with Sigmund’s capture and where he’s located as Nina mentioned in the last issue). I do have a question though about the series: I thought Havok was supposed to be the jealous one (according to the card bios) and I see Chloe taking that role instead. Is it just something you changed or are they both the jealous type? Sort of like their relationship is disfunctional as hell, but it works for them kind of thing?

    Then again part of the fun of Urban Rivals is how one sees the characters and the series. I’ve seen a Sin City-eske (minus the misogyny) version where characters are killed off pretty easily and others throught they eyes of newcomers. Correct me if I’m wrong, I see a more of PG-rated daytime cartoon version with yours. For me I go a little more mature with a slight satirical edge that does always take itself so seriously.

  • Yeah, the Urban Rivals comic series is aimed at young kids as well as teenagers. So it’s difficult to have strong torture scenes happen on panel!

    About Chloé and Havok, well, you shouldn’t believe everything you read in a a short biography!

  • Yaoi Huntress Earth

    I guess it’s because I’m American and kid-friendly is sort of a different from country to courntry that when I read through the descriptions on the cards and the comic, I got more of a « not exactly for kids » vibe from it. In our coutnry, when you’re aiming at kids, you can’t have characters smoke (unless it’s PG rated or you’re doing an anti-smoking story), use low level swear worlds like crap, or have the characters mention about having « making whoopie privledges ». I know we Americans are a little messed up about the sex thing and trying to keep it from kids. It’s nice that you’re trying to appeal to a broader audience and your stories remind me of Cyber C.o.p.s. (one of my favorite cartoons as a child.)

    I’m flattered that you read my version and I hope it didn’t scare you or anything. Thanks for taking the time to read these post, it was interesting talking to you.

  • Yeah. In France, we have a secret plan for getting kids to smoke, swear and have sex as soon as their parents aren’t paying attention.

  • Yaoi Huntress Earth

    *laughs* That’s awesome. More power to you. :)